Neotion/Skybox support


I know that ProgDVB dont work with Neotion, because there is no driver ...but Winclip (another DVB player) made is own Neotion Driver, it has some limitations , but works fine.

The driver support:
-Neotion 501
-Neotion 1000
-Neotion 3000

I which to know if it´s possible to use this driver in ProgDVB?


I´ve send a couple of email´s to Neotion Company asking to release a opensource or make a driver which is compatible with ProgDVB , but no response.

What does it mean "VERY bad api"?

Any help i´ll appreciate.

Re: .

Prog wrote:This is total stupid and not standart API. It request lot of time for support.
I understand that, even if the Neotion driver from Winclip work in ProgDVB, probably it get very unstable.

So, we do not expect Neotion to work in ProgDVB ever?