Xact-Twinhan1020a Problem


I haven't used my xact-twinhan 1020a for several years. Today i've installed the DTV-driver (DTV Audio / Video Version from 26.02.2004). These drivers are from the DVB-S Xact-CD.
Then I installed ProgDvB 6.04.02. No device can be chosen. No Satelit can be chosen.
The device doesn't work wether with Progdvb nor with another tv-software.
What do i false? Is it a driver problem? If yes, which one should i take? Link?

Other Informations: WinXp, Satellite/Lnb/Cable are ok(testet with a receiver)

I've also the typhoon knc-one (2004). Is this card supported?

I've downloaded the BDA drivers for twinhan (1020/1022/1025/1030/1032
2021/2031/3020/3021/3250/3040) v. (2006. 05) from twinhan.com
But I don't know how to install them. I tried to use the THDrvSetup.exe
Result: "No device found! Please attached the device and run again"

twinhan blue

I had same problem but i found one solution.U need to replace and register the thsource.ax file with older one from X:\Program Files\Progdvb\Filters (overwrite ).Let me now if u resolve that or send me a mail if u need the older files . :)