Teles skydsl pci card compatability

Hi does any one know if the skydsl pci card (or technotrend budget pci 1402)
is compatible with ProgDVB.

I have tried to do this but have the message dvb device not started.

The card does come with it´s own software which see´s the satellites but will not download any channels. As does My theater. Dvb dream also states no device found.

However the anoying thing is that only a few days ago Progdvb on first install worked perfectly until I then needed to restore my system a day or two. Scince then it has never worked.

any help greatly appreciated as only a few strands of hair left. :x


Up date

Just to say that MyTheatre has started to work with no problems & no explanation why? but no change with Progdvb It still does not recognise the device. My theatre treats it as a nova pci card.


Hmm ,
the card in question is a 1401 (my mistake)and the drivers are part of skydsl set up for data transfer. You can choose to operate for tv streaming but i have no option for alternative drivers. Maybe I have the wrong idea or you know of alternative an source.