TwinHan With CAM Support


Hello ,

My question is :

Is there ANY Problem in PROGDVB with either :

TwinHan with CAM


TwinHan StarBox With CAM


I wanna buy one of them , so I want to be sure that Progdvb Supports them without any Problem


It seems that is not working. You can not access the CAM menu. In the device list, for Twinhan you will see that the available options for this card does not include "CAM Interface", while for "Budget-PCI-Card" and for "Skystar over TT - Hard mode" this options are available.

At least mine is not working. I have a Twinhan VP-1030 w/T-REX CAM and a valid subscription smartcard, but the software provided along with Twinhan card is working fine.

Hi all,

I tested Twinhan DVB-C CI board, VP-2033 + Conax CAM/Card - it really opens the picture...
CAM Menu is not available (supported) inside ProgDVB yet (I tested version 4.79.7) but all channels
are opened without any problems!!!


Hello ,

Thank you All Very much for Helping

I wish you the best of luck Mr.Prog in Developing that wonderful program until it becomes the PERFECT Satellite program in World

Twinhan dvb-s 1030 red with common interface.
Cam menu does not reply but you should check "enabled" in "Settings - CAM interface" menu.
It works fine with authentic IRDETO cam and original subscription card. (only with "enabled"checked).
I had to conntact with NOVA by telephone to tell them that it was locked one time after long time working. They send some commands and unlocked it again.
It also worked perfect with original IRDETO EURO1080 subscription card until they changed modulation to DVB-S2/MPEG4.
Did anybody found twinhan dvb-s2 pci card? It was not possible for me till now.

Pablo wrote:I've got Twinhan DVB-S2 VP-1041 CI, still experimenting with BDA drivers now...
I've been searching the net trying to get hold of one of these cards, even emailed Twinhan but the never replied.
Can you tell me where I can get one.

me to!
I'm in Paris for the hollydas and have searched every corner.
I cannot find nothing about pci dvb-s2!
Has anyone and adresses to give me.
I'have asked for more than 100 shops of chinise.