NOVA TD stick 95800

1) I installed for the first time progDVB
2) the channel search was perfect I found more TNT-DVB channels then any other device


after when I hoped to see the channels , PROGDVB was saying that it could not enable the NOVA Tuner

I look at a list of over 90 channels but none can be seen or heard

DO you have an advice?

thanks renato

Re: NOVA TD stick 95800

I changed the codecs with fffshow
I disabled stability and now works
thanks it is 90% perfect !

I have still 2 questions:

a) sometimes there is a delay between video signal and audio signal ( I suppose 1-2 seconds ), audio comes first and video after, what should I do to reduce this gap? I have a 6core amd pc under windows XP

b) can I give a short number to each channel?