Sabrent TV-USBHD

I bought this Sabrent TV-USBHD ATSC NTSC dongle tuner some time ago, works with Blaze software which is honestly pretty buggy and lame. Thought I'd give ProgDVB a try, unfortunately things aren't quite working.

The software selects a BDA Microtune as the device which appears to be partially correct, the device's active light comes on. The Microtune name is consistent with what Windows XP installs when the device is first plugged in. The ProgDVB scans for channels, and finds none. I know this isn't correct, as there are 10 channels available via the Blaze software.

I've done a little searching in regards to the chipset, but it not clear to me what it uses. I'd have to crack open the dongle.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?