"BDA no device" with Lifeview FlyDVB Trio.

Hello all. I am an old user of this great program (since 2007) and I have bought two registered licenses. Now I face a problem with my PC at work. I have the above PCI card and I am trying to make it work with the latest version of ProgDVB 6.92 under Windows XP SP3. After a successful installation of the program, I see that it cannot detect the card ("BDA no device").

1. Does it mean that my card lacks a BDA driver? I don't think that it's a WDM driver though.

I have to mention that the driver comes from Lifeview and the version is (06/02/2007).

2. Do you know any newer driver for my card that can make it compatible with the new ProgDVB 6.92?

I remember very well that this card was working with ProgDVB during the last years (I think with versions 4.x and 5.x). My brother was using it!

3. Do you think that I should return to an old version of ProgDVB in order to detect my card?

I have to inform you that I have all the latest updates from Microsoft and also that I have a GeForce 6200 TurboCache VGA card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: "BDA no device" with Lifeview FlyDVB Trio.

Hello and thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, I think that I am using the latest driver for my product as you can see here (http://www.lifeview.com.tw/html/downloa ... b_trio.htm). This driver version also comes from Microsoft's Windows Update and as you can see in the above link it's a BDA driver for sure.

I tried to install ProgDVB in C: and also tried to install it under my local account (with administrator rights) instead of the domain user (as I said, it's my work PC). Both movements with no result! So the problem is elsewhere.

Also, it's weird that the ProgDVB installer warns me about the absence of .NET 4.0 while I have all the latest updates from Microsoft (including .NET 4.0 Client Profile). Does it have anything to do with my problem?

PS: It's very strange that the card doesn't work even with ProgDVB version 5.16.2 ("BDA no device"). It was working with these versions of ProgDVB in the past in my brother's PC!

Re: "BDA no device" with Lifeview FlyDVB Trio.

I have no problem installing and running any program on this PC. I do it all the time because I have admin rights. The problem is only in ProgDVB. I think that the source of the error message is the bad initialization of the BDA driver (like you said). The major question is why.

Can we check if the BDA driver is detected by ProgDVB some way? Have you seen that kind of error in the past? I have to find a solution here. Do you think that I should try the official Lifeview program (it's very bad BTW) for testing purposes? Thanks.