DVBSky T9580


I'm going to replace my old (and no more supported...) Hauppauge Nexsus-S with a brand new TV-tuner card.

I am looking for a hybrid DVB-S /DVB-T card and I have found the DVBSky T5980.
In the producer website is reported a ProgDVB support but instead I can't find any references in the ProgDVB website. In the supported boards it seems not included so I am confused. :mrgreen:

Has anyone used this card and, if yes, is it supported in ProgDVB?

Thanks! :D

Re: DVBSky T9580

Just in case someone could be interested.... it works!

I have bought the T9580 and it works perfectly with ProgDVB :D
So far I test the satellite side of the board because I haven't got a cable long enough for connecting DVB-T too.

For more information, feel free to ask me ;-)