Progdvb and Vista


I'm using the latest progdvb version (4.82) and pinnacle pctv sat ci on a
Windows Vista System. Everything works fine untill Vista switches to energy saving mode.
After wake up (from energy saving mode) progdvb crashes without any
error message.
Before switching to that mode everything works fine. After a reboot
progdvb works fine again.
Is there anybody out who solved that problem already?
Any help appreciated ...


I thing it's not a problem of the pctv sat ci, because altdvb is running with that card (Twinhan driver) while progdvb is crashing.
Progdvb only starts working after a reboot of the system.
I thing it's maybe a matter of access rights ... but not sure.
There are a lot of changes from w2k to vista in that area.

Another example which brings the same behaviour is if one try
to start a second instance of progdvb. With vista it's possible to
have 2 different users connected to the machine and if User 1 has
a progdvb session open and User 2 tries to open it in his own address space
progdvb crashes.

However, maybe I/we find the problem or otherwise I go on with AltDVB.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
unfortunatly my "altdvb conclusion" is false. I had a reboot in between.
@SiLencer: Most probably you're right, the card wouldn't be
re-initialised after wake up from standby. Is there any solution for
that arround? ... I'll go on doing some research and ask google ....

...just in case anybody else is interested in the solution:

I always face the problem that after wake up from standby, windows
doesn't initialize my tv-card.
Normally I schedule the recording of a movie via oxyl box. A task
is inserted into windows task scheduler. The machine switches to energy
saving mode. Than the scheduler wakes up the pc and tries
to start progdvb. This failes because progdvb couldn't find a running
The solution is to create a batch file which will be called from scheduler.
Tis batch file calls devcon.exe (Windows Driver Kit Tools)
e.g.: devcon.exe restart <name of device>
This restarts the tv device.
Second line in new batch file calls progdvb, which will start recording than