Re: Progdvb server and client problem

Hi prog
I found that client module doesn't add channels to channels list, but he rename other channels from the same frequency!!!!
for example:
if i open channel mbc2 for first time after scanning for channels it will work
but later if i try open mbc2 it will lead to zee aflam (channel in same frequency of mbc2)
the zee aflam will be renamed to mbc2, and every time try access mbc2, another channel in same frequency will be renamed to mbc2!!, and so on
after all, i will have many channels named by mbc2 and lead to other channels! (usually lead to zee aflam!)
any way, i used iptv client instead of progdvb client module and enterd url link to iptv client and xmltv link and scan iptv client.
channel list created and no problem found, plus no problem in epg events.
actually i guess iptv client is awesome since it do the same job like progdvb module plus it have no problem compared to progdvb client that actually i don't know the difference between them!.
so i will use iptv client now and i hope you can fix progdvb client module soon

thanks for your time