Diseqc Module

I have just setup a motorised system and still learning about it.
Is there an English manual for the Diseqc Module by oNe3 as i have it installed but would like to know how to set it up.

Tnx in advance


Re: Diseqc Module

Progdvb has a diseqc inside. iIt works well only if you have one device in diseqc tree (one switch or one positioner for example). If you make combinations, it may not work properly.
And the diseqc 1.2 window is very problematic too. Try use another friendly receiver to set the motor positions, if you have one.
First, if using a diseqc device, add desired one to your dvb device, then click it and configure lnbs and satellites. Its very intuitive, explore a while.
Dont forget to put 2 repetitions on device options, 100 ms minimun delay.
After that, you can go to scan frequencies.

Re: Diseqc Module

I am using Prof Revolution S2 8000 PCI-E card with ProgDVB. My Diseqc is also always giving problem. I am using 93.5E, 66.0E, 13.0E and 7.0W. I give cable to diseqc and switching channels from LNB1, LNB2, LNB3 & LNB4. and testing with 12v DC bulb. But it is not working correctly. only one port is working. Even I put new one also. I am using 6.83.04a PRO version.