DVBprognet + powerdvd clash !!


I have purchased DVBprognet x64 a couple day's ago, and i have upgraded it to 7.25.05.
I use it mainly for IPTV receptions.

So, i have tested the recording ability of the program and its nice and smooth. Even 2 recordings simultaneously isnt a problem because of the specific subscription from my provider.

Now, when i try to watch an bluray movie through powerdvd 17 Ultra while dvbprog is recording in the background, then the record fails !!! Even 1 record fails, as soon try to watch movies on powerdvd !!!

By "record fail" i mean, the recorded file exists but its only watchable for like 10 seconds from the 5 or even 30 mins that dvbprog run the record stream !?

Also, i sometimes get the following error in dvbprog , something about "timeshift buffer overflow" !
Regardless of the error popping up or not, the record ALWAY's fail as soon as i start to play media content on powerdvd !! Only opening powerdvd doesnt seem to affect DVBprog though !!

It only clashes when i try to watch something through powerdvd !?

About the time buffer overflow, i have tried to disable timeshift entirely! I have changed record settings and enabled "using timeshift during record" but the problem persists regardless of the settings !!

Afterwards, i have tried and disabled the following option in powerdvd "Exclusively Audio Ouput (wasapi Exclusive)!! But to no vail.. I know for sure , powerdvd tends to dominate and take over system settings like audio/video features !!!

Some pointers to work arround this woud be nice.

I know my system is more then capable to do all that simultaniously.

My system is:

Windows 10 x64 Proffesional
Asus Sabertooth FX R2 (mobo)
Amd FX-8350 (Cpu)
16 GB DDR3 (Ram)
Radeon RX580 Boost (Gpu)
Optix G27C2 (monitor)

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I think i got it to work in conjuction with powerdvd. I have changed some of the audio options and it seemed to work so far !

Re: DVBprognet + powerdvd clash !!

Prog wrote:
Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:13 am
Try change audio and video renderer in ProgDVB.
Also most video card support hardware acceleration only for 1 or 2 video in same time.
Yes prog, it seems that the conflict pretty much is resolved by using system>waveoutput mixer in progdvb instead of Primary sound / directsound !! However, sometimes i don't have any sound at all when watching live (aside from recording) when i change to another channel to watch while recording. But the streams that are recorded have all sound and play in sync with video, and thats the most important thing here to me.

I have an decent gpu though, an RX580 8GB dvp & hdmi ports.