I sent an email off the website 2 nights ago, not sure if it’s been read or not but thought I would post it in here.

Been looking for an IPTV player which is great at loading the channels, doesn’t buffer and is pleasing on the eye.

I believe I may have found a gem with your software. It’s really a beast and I’m so happy I stumbled upon it.

Just a quick question, some channels that are loading which show resolution as 1920x1080 are sometimes fuzzy? Any idea why? Other channels loading are fine though.

Secondly with my IPTV provider we have VOD but for some reason your software isn’t loading my VOD any idea why?

Am I missing any codecs?

Sorry for all the questions, hopefully you can help me.

Oh finally am I able to install ProgTV without DVB?

I have a x64 version of windows, so am I better using the 32 bit or 64 bit version of your software? (May seem an odd question......)

Thank you

Re: Questions

About 1080 - try change video codec or dxva mode.
What provider API? xtream? Only last ProgDVB/ProgTV versions support VOD for xtream.

"Oh finally am I able to install ProgTV without DVB? "
What problem without DVB?

Re: Questions

Where do I change the codec and what do I change it too? (Sorry)

I have loaded with xstream, I believe I am on the latest version of ProgDVB

I only use the ProgTV app and not DVB, hence asking if I could install one without the other, it’s not a major issue, the VOD and quality is more important.

Thank you

Re: Questions

Prog wrote:
Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:53 am
VOD of xtream must be in addition channel list "Xtream VOD". Try last prerelease aslo.
Hi Prog

Thank you for being so helpful, are you able to be a bit more specific with what i should do?

Do i need to tick something to allow it to play VOD? in plugins? i see Xtreme Codes? is this what i need to select?

Can you be more specific on the Codec too? what is the best one for me to change it too?

Also, if i am running 64bit windows, shall i use 64bit progDVB? usually i would but i read somewhere that is works better on 32bit (this program)

Thank you