Suggestions for Android

New to this program and just love it!

Would like to make 2 suggestions for future versions. Would love to see page up/page down remote key added to both channel list and EPG. Also, for Xtream Codes in TV Sources, would love to see option to create name for multiple inputs (same as what channel list has now).

Thank you for this great program!


Re: Suggestions for Android

so it seems to work sortof.

when you enter a second entry or third etc, it resets custom name back to default on all previous entries you entered, so you have to go back and re-enter those. and every time you enter a new one, it resets the custom name of all previous back to default name. definitely very annoying. also custom name keeps adding 'TV' to end of the name and can't remove it as well.

so a little buggy but really like it so far. it is naming both channel lists and VOD lists which is perfect.