Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Prog wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:23 pm
For example push on menu -> Edit -> list properties
Can you please provide a screenshot of where this can be done on Android devices? I am testing on N-Vidia Shield and I cannot find this menu path at all.

For instance, I am trying to sort the channel list of a Favorites list that I have created. By default, it sorts the channels in the order that I save a channel as a favorite. There is no "list properties" that appears in any sub-menu where I can modify the channel order in this favorite list. If there is, please provide a screenshot from an android device that illustrates this.

Thanks in advance.

Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Sort the channels in alphabetical order. Or have the ability to rearrange the order that the channels are listed from top to bottom.

This is a feature that most iptv guides provide, for instance Perfect Player for android.

So I have a favorites list with 50 channels and I am looking for a channel that starts with the letter P, I can easily quickly scroll to channels starting with P until I find the specific channel I want.

At this moment, your program places each new favorite at the bottom of the list. Therefore, this makes it difficult to find a particular channel name like the example above because the user will not remember what order each channel was in.

I hope I've clarified the issue and request.