Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Prog wrote:
Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:23 pm
For example push on menu -> Edit -> list properties
Can you please provide a screenshot of where this can be done on Android devices? I am testing on N-Vidia Shield and I cannot find this menu path at all.

For instance, I am trying to sort the channel list of a Favorites list that I have created. By default, it sorts the channels in the order that I save a channel as a favorite. There is no "list properties" that appears in any sub-menu where I can modify the channel order in this favorite list. If there is, please provide a screenshot from an android device that illustrates this.

Thanks in advance.

Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Sort the channels in alphabetical order. Or have the ability to rearrange the order that the channels are listed from top to bottom.

This is a feature that most iptv guides provide, for instance Perfect Player for android.

So I have a favorites list with 50 channels and I am looking for a channel that starts with the letter P, I can easily quickly scroll to channels starting with P until I find the specific channel I want.

At this moment, your program places each new favorite at the bottom of the list. Therefore, this makes it difficult to find a particular channel name like the example above because the user will not remember what order each channel was in.

I hope I've clarified the issue and request.

Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Is there any chance to adding the proposed alphabetical order sorting feature to the program?

We love this program, but finding channels by name in the guide list is extremely difficult because channels are listed in random order right now.


Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Menu -> Edit-> List properties-> Sort by

I am unable to find this on Android apk on Shield. I have asked other users if they can locate a "sort by" option in the android program and they aren't finding it either.

Can you please provide a screenshot of an Android apk that shows the exact location of this feature? I am using version 2.54.4

Re: ProgTV Channel Sorting

Finally found the "sort by". I didn't know right clicking would get me to the "list properties" section. The navigation is a bit tricky and everyone else I knew using this program couldn't find it either.

I love all the customization features of PTV, it may help to have it auto-sort by name by default for other users unfamiliar with finding this section.