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ProgTV crash on show OSD

If you press O key while playing custom My ITV channel: !! TopLevelExceptionFilter !! Unknow/NON CONTINUABLE 1 module: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Additionally, libVLC should be updated to current version. It also seems that Media server is not available for restream of My ITV/Radio section. ...

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Yes. It is important to say that channel will play in VLC even if it is restreamed from Prog Media server(m3u) :| - * s:100 q:100 tr=278992 (0) Preparing - * s:100 q:100 tr=223720 (0) Preparing - * s:100 q:100 tr=223720 (0) Preparing - * s:100 q:100 tr=222404 (0) Preparing - * s:100 q:100 tr=225036 ...

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Hi! It seems that it will not work with minisatip server. It always stuck at "preparing" - Api2Device::SetChannel - None - skip old generation traffic! - skip old generation traffic! - skip old generation traffic! - skip old generation traffic! - skip old generation traffic! *** - skip old generatio...

Re: License question

Definitely new version should not require old .Net on Windows 10! Migration We think the model of selling people products is actually a broken model. This is not the natural way of things. Does it really work for companies to say their fundamental purpose is to ship and sell more cars, more pens, mo...


tuner not detected after sleep :? Restart of ProgDVB needed...

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device BDA.Device 41977 Error!!!
!!! DebugCriticalMesssages: [{] Device not started!

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!!!BuildGraph error Cannot load tuner device
TearDownGraph OK

Re: Uninstall ProgDVB did not uninstall ProgDVB ... ;)

- you update and by mistake take x32-updater (that is installed into x32-programs-directory) My idea is to create a combined installer (maybe only for those who whant) that recognizes by itself whether to install x32 or x64; or in which you can choose whether to install x32-version onto x64 if this...

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