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i tried to load a 4.82.x channel list and save it. and load it to 4.83.2. i also made a complete new scan (deleted the old channel files). then load it and save it. but that also does not work. the next try was to load your provided list (2007-01-17_Camels_ProgDVB-Settings_Astra_Hotbird.rar) save th...

yes can confirm this. the new version fixes the problem.

@progedit: there seems to ba a problem with the new version because i cant see a single channel if i save the channels.dat file with progedit.

some channels are gone


i updated from version 4.82.1 to 4.83.

when i first started it i noticed that some channels are gone from my favorites list (eg. GIGA from ASTRA 19,3°).
also some captions from programs i renamed are in the old form.

is this a known bug or did i do something wrong?

hi i have similar problem with the new version with the some dvbs card. i used the version 4.80.3 and it works fine but when i update to the 4.81 it can not start the bda driver. i have tried your reg code from above but it does not work (the old version does also not work, but i was so wise to back...

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