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ProgDVB error

Zwischenablage02.jpg wann wird ProgDVB überarbeitet, sobald ich mehrere satelliten zufüge, wird das programm träge... unter manuelles scannen verschwindet die signal anzeige sobald ich scannen möchte weil die symbolrate unter 300Ks ist deutsche sprache, schwere sprache... was versteht man unter sig...

Re: transponder and iptv m3u8

the stupid, after each update everything is overwritten .... in which file can you change the german language of the program? under sender list> manual search is "lock" what means lock? and how to edit and sort stream channels for encrypted, tv and radio ... So far, all channels are television progr...

transponder and iptv m3u8

without opening the transponder list in the notepad.exe (windows 10) ... how does one change or add a new transponder? under sender list editor or manual search ... has little to nothing to do with new create a transponder ... I find these menus for pointless ... it would not be bad if you could edi...

Re: delete playlists

if I have reinstalled progdvb ... still no devices enabled ... under tv sources FreeSkyNet and internet tv zufüge, all ok, if I disable the two individually, the tick off, it takes 60 seconds .... Here is a time loop, somehow I have no idea if the appendix was sent ... It would be nice if the forum ...

delete playlists

... slowly I see through with m3u .... I try the principle; any string ID or #number 1..7FFF. Uniq for all ProgDVB ID = # 7FF0 create my own playlists ... so that I have some overview of the tv sources ... which works well too. what I do not understand .... when I add a new address, I first have to ...

RSS progdvb

alle seiten verwaisen auf die erste.... wozu dann RSS ?

ProgDVB v6.24.
ProgDVB v6.24. New OSD Main menu. Support 16APSK, C band-stacked LNB. Changes in ProgDVB structure of files request update of localizations. Many fixs.
2009-11-20 at 01:00


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