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with this module "pro/for small networks" I see tha in Port 10999 the mpg2 speed is 0. I instaled again the module from 4.88.3 and now the speed in mpg2 is 246 400. But in client no sound no image and the trafic is ok. In a server I can see the client I dont know what is wrong :cry: :cry: I realy ne...

What I have wrong?

I Have the 4.87.5 version in server and client.
In trafic server and cliente I see the trafic but I canot see or ear anything.
I can see in client the correct information of the channel.
I Have changed every render but... nothing.
The same to graphs.
Can some body help me?

recording in Mpg2

I recorded in Mpg2, but I can not reproduce in WMP11. I can reproduce in Nero showtime 7 I want to do some cuts in the recording but the programs that I have (Omniquiti_Lathe_1.5) they indicate a time of different film and I can not cuts this record. Can you tell me if the recording in Mpg2 of Progd...

I bought Server Prof but in the reality I received Serverhome (!!!)
Will it be that with this I get to have a channel in the server and other in the client?
Is there some more complete manual on all of the options of Server and client?
Thank you

Thank you I will buy the version Prof. I Already asked for information how to buy Another help. I have in the server the list of channels resulting from Scan I have other where I created directorys and I copied the channels ordering for themes. In the client I get to change the cha...

Now I can see the server channel.

But now I canot change the server chanel

1 - Can I have the server with a channel and the client with other? How?

2 - In the client I can not change the channel. I only get to see the server channel.

Can you help?

Thank you

Server cliente problem

I am here again
I got to establish the connection and to call the list of channels but I don't get to see any image.
Can you help?
Thank you

Sorry password (!!!!!)
ok now everything is ok
Thank you

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