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i'm using Hauppauge Nexus and watching Echostar 5, the thing is this: Few days ago I was watching the channel 500 (ONPPV), but later I Reescan the satellite for see if I was losing any transponder, and the results was this, 8 news channels But many channels that were previously were replaced by data...

issues whit channel's change


The problem is that when the ProgDVB change the channel is closed, this is when the ProgDVB gets the win, then the changeof the channel can be 5 times or it may be the first attempt. I've tried a lot of versions of this program. what can this be?



Data Channels

Can anibody explain me what is a data channels, and recently I Rescan my channel, and the old channel that i were using has benn replace for a channel that seem to me that is a data channel and I cant see it . How do i fix this problem. Thanks


hi again. how can I unistall or erase the timeshift, in the options of installation dont show up and in the progdvb I cant find anything like erase timeshift or dont use timeshift, just the progdvb give me the option of use the ram or use a file as bufer timeshift. Hauppauge Nexus ProgDVB 4.56.2 XP ...

ProgDVB error

Hi again.

after a while of be watching the channels in ProgDVB, whenever I get a poster of error that asks me to quit the program or if I want to debug it, what i need to do for fix that problem??.



Thanks for all, i just find it in dishnetworks website.


Gabriel :shock: :lol: :D

And what is the adress of the web page of Echostar 5, I cant find it on Internet.




is there any web page where I can download the EPG for the entire week?>>>.



hey dont say that, i tried everything, change the card of PCI port, reinstalled the driver, and its still whitout working, the remote dont work whit the original software of the card,its DIgital Tv, by the way , that software is a shit. And when I plugged the wire of the remote to his port, i put my...

Happauge Nexus's remote dont work!!!

Hi, I recently installed on my PC, the Nexus's card(Hauppauge), the problem is that the remote control is not working, i have tried everything and it still not working. recently i bought the ProgDVB remote software, is good but not enought, i want to use the remote of the nexus's card. The cable rem...

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