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Re: Pid recorder problem

Prog wrote:Still not completed. Problem not in module. Problem in ProgDVB Engine architecture. I am not like degrade optimization for this one case.
Hi @Prog,

This is about a new development / work do you have?


Re: ProgDVB v6.97.2

ProgDVB v6.97.2. And do you have the full recording feature , thanks. Hi man, "Full recording" you said, Did you tell the " Full TS recording feature ? " @Prog, try to add this feature, he said. But I did not date. Still not completed. Problem not ...

Re: Pid recorder problem

serkanguzel wrote:
Prog wrote:May be in future. But why you need this function?

When this feature will be given for the new and latest versions?

Dear @ prog,

Did you work on this issue will be? ( for new versions )


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