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with ProgEdit , there you can import *.dvb formats.
but - the new version, which support also ProgDVB 5 is not ready.

i waiting on channel lists from old versions to test the new converter functions.

cu camel

for testing i would be need - please can anybody give me test-channel lists + channeltree lists ? i would need: 1.) channels.dat (astra would be enough) in format: a) ProgDVB 4.53 - 4.55 b) ProgDVB 4.56 - 4.69 c) ProgDVB 4.70 - 4.82 d) ProgDVB 4.83 - 5.xx 2.) channeltree (please only 3 "favorites" w...

i'll see that the handling of direct filter is very instable if on system are a lot of directshow filter. well - it can be handle if you set all corect - maybe you have to delete all directdraw filters which are can crash your system. 1.) record a small video in progdvb 2.) use "graphedit" to import...

crash/hang after switching to another channel-Progdvb 5.05.4

hi, i'm not the only one who have crashes/hangs on version this works on 4.83 sometimes i can not switch one time, then sometimes i can switch 3x times til the hangs start. and always if this happens, then i can close the programm per hand per taskmgr. then i can try amount 10x times and tes...

the structures of channel database are often changed on the different versions of ProgDVB, because there are a lot of new things in the new lists which are not in the old one. ProgDVB is not always compatible to get in the old lists. and here - i had the same questions as you :) and i do something f...

also i'm wondering, that you haven't supported ipv6

unsigned char m_MulticastGroup[4]; ????

had also not to be made pain or ?
be m_MulticastGroup[6];

maybe on version ProgDVB 6

cu camel

really ?
this version, which you send me, have no differents.
i made a text compare, and in the channel tree i haven't found that the structure is changed ....

or were the changes only in your programm big and the structure of vhannel tree was the same ?

cu camel

hi prog, beliive me , it's easier for me to make a new channel editor - eg a new progdvb version. greatest respect to your work :) the structure alone would not be enough, i had to add extra fields also. and then i had only to change the "open" and "save" and "import" functions. but normally, i work...

*g yes "Prog" has changed it once again :)
i hope, that it will not changed on every version.
and to make it more funny the structure is in the middle of struct changed :)

anyway ....

at night the new version of ProgEdit will be ready .....

cu camel

ok - i got a mail from "prog". he changed the structure from channel list once again, , that the new Progdvb channellist (4.83 - 5.x) version doesn't work anymore with ProgEdit. I will change this in ProgEdit and do an update to "ProgEdit 2.00" and i hope it will be ready at night. the new version "...

i have tried to edit the chanels.dat with your program but the new progdvb 4.83.2 cant read it (the tree list just contains the folders but no entries are there). if i load it with your editor it is there again. slowly ... moment - do you try to load an old channel list (4.83) with my programm , an...

really ?
oh gee - then prog have screwed once again on ProgDVB channellist.
then i will fixed it urgently :)

which version of ProgEdit ?
which version of PürogDVB ?

cu camel

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