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Hi.. I have news with my problem of logos. I'm not shure but i can test...

My problem was when is present a structure . I've just reset my smartphone ed i've imported my list with progdvb_data created on pc ( but now without epg )

Now i can see all logos also with structure. i think that te problem is the EPG. In this moment i don't have any epg imported.

Is possiblae that the text of epg channels cover the possible space for every channel. ?

I think that the text go over logo or create problem to view logo.

Sorry for my english. I write this only if you are interested for future test..

Re: channels logos

Hi i have good news. I've discovered the problem..

I'n not using epg but i wil test also with epg next week

When i export from pc my options i have a progdvb_data folder with an internal folder Channel.

In the Channel folder there is a Channels-XXXXX-Logos.Dat I supose that is the file related to logos folder..

If i import progdvb_data normally in android there's no logos in channels. If i remove Channels-XXXXX-Logos.Dat and i import the progdvb_data al the logos appears

I will test next week with epg but i think that the problem was this..

Re: channels logos

Prog wrote:What original logos source? Folder in PC and Android?
In PC is the original folder ChLogos ( in my case i have a 64bit version )

In android i've copied the same folder ChLogos in Internal card ( but i think that in MicroSD is the same.. ) and i've indicate the path in Options, Channel List, Path Logos.

I suppose that is not important in android the name of folder and location. Is importan only that the logos have the same name of channel ( i my case i've renamed all the logos manually ) and indicate the Exact Path of logos.

I think that The Channel-Logo.dat search the logos in a specific path like c: in pc. In android is impossible to have the same name for path because any smartphone change the name of internal or external memory..

A possibility is copy the logos in a standard path and folder Like DCIM Etc Etc but when importing the progdvb_dat the problem remain..

Sorry for my mistakes writing in English. I'm italian and if y can help you i'm here..

The spirit of a forum is to help and solve problems for the community

Re: channels logos

Today im getting some channel logos and this logos are not in my usb drive... seems the program are automatically getting logos from progtv...
This is not good cause i dont want to use this logos and im not able to disable this.
Admin are you added this function?