SS HD2 not working with ProgDVB


I have a new Technisat SkyStar HD2 card.
Default drivers installed.

But ProgDVB 5.16.2 is not working.

When installing ProgDVB i choose Azurewave (Twinhan) BDA
Later.. ({BDA} DTV-DVB Mantis DVBS BDA Reciever)

And i only get this error..

Cannot load filter and connect.

and then this.

Device not started!
({BDA} DTV-DVB Mantis DVBS BDA Reciever)

Any help is welcomed.

No chance to move motor ???

I have Vista64-bit and Technisat Sky Star HD 2...
I tried almost all available progDVB versions... 32-bit versions are pretty slowly in response to mouse and cannot move motor.... Pro versions can display HDTV, but insufficient CPU...
64-bit version 6.02.03 can move motor, but this is not under control. Sometimes succeed move form one sat to other during channel search, but when switching between found channels in lists, no move occures...

I ask: Exists any ProgDVB 64-bit professional edition, that can regular move motor and also display HDTV ????? I didnt found it yet.... :(

SS HD2, Vista64-bit