when i start the EPG window the aplication hangs windows and the only solution is to restart the computer. In the previous version when i star EPG, windows restart with blue screen, now i just hangs.

on latest version 6.23.02 and Gbox plugin, the info from plugin to Gbox is not send, is working only when i start the progdvb, if i change the channel no info is display on the gbox and no channel is working. back to the 6.23.01

still crash some time when is start the EPG, or Bluescreen or aplication hangs. Is nothing to do with this problem?

You forgot to provide us with details, like satellite / provider / transponder / (example) station.
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1.)AMD Phenom II x4 940, GA-MA770-UD3, 8 GB DDR2-6400. 7 Pro SP1 x64 + XP Pro SP3 x86
DVB-S2: Cynergy S2 USB HD
2.)P4 3200 i865G (F-S Scenic W600pwr) XP Pro SP3
DVB-S: hauppauge WinTV Nexus-S rev. 2.2, driver TT 2.19h, hardware mode

19.2°,13°,28.x°E,30°W, DiSEqC 1.0

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Intelsat 10 02 thor3/5, any program
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Sound: Ac3 filter
Video: Arcsoft
Windows XP Sp3

Background Recording not working anymore?

I noticed with latest versions of ProgDVB the function 'Record Channel in Background' does not work anymore?

When using Background Recording function ProgDVB will lock up, then exit and reboot is needed because ProgDvbNet.exe process can not be killed.

With old version 6.5.02 background recording works ok.

Test with XPSP3/Net3.5/ProgDVB 6.24/6.23 Pro/Trial

Re: .

Prog wrote:What DVB device?
TechoTrend CT-3650 CI USB and TechoTrend Budget C1501 PCI using DVB cable.

Also when starting background recording no background recording window is shown.

Hi, my english is not good, sorry
I purchased progdvb and I like it, but... in all version (6.XX) i have about 5 bugs but I say for 1 now.
On win XP SP3, TBS 6920, astra 19.2E, Canal+ HD (actually any HD channel, and any satellites) when I change the pid (audio) from one to another and I press OK or Apply button... the picture go to missing (black screen and cannot watch TV).
Please fix this bug on next version of progdvb, Thank You.

On win XP x64 SP2 TBS 6920 (progdvb 6.25.4 64-bit version) cannot start, run with this error:

Video doesn't work when watching on full screen. Audio is ok. I tried to reinstall the program but still doesn't work.

Closing ProgDVB occures error code


Sorry, my English is very bad.

I'm using progDVB 6.30 PRO with Win 7 x64.
I installed 64 bit version of ProgDVB, thats working correctly, but I can't use with 32 bit plugins (s2emu, vplug).
With ProgDVB 32 bit version works with plugins, but some channels are too slow with elacard, ati, ffdshow, Microsoft codecs too.... but it's not a big proglem.
The main problem is occures when I'm closing ProgDVB which closing with following error:
Unexpected Memory Leak
An unexpected memory leak has occured. The unexpected small block leaks are: 189-204 bytes: Unknown x 44.
And after all saved data without channel list losts!
The card is Technisat Skystar 2 HD USB CI.

2nd running after 10 sec closing ProgDVB:
An unexpected memory leak has occured. The unexpected small block leaks are:
1-12 bytes: Unknown x 1
61-68 bytes: TCloseEmmPidThread x1
189-204 bytes: Unknown x2

DVBDream is working with this plugins correctly, and very fast, but some (7) dll error window occures at starting, but after work correctly.
ProgDVB starts correctly :)

with the latest version i have the seam problem, every time when i close the progdvb, i get a error with close, and some times when i start prodvb is not start corectly, and it hangs. i have to force close the progdvb.

ProgDVBPro 6.31.01

When i downloaded version 6.31.01 pro from the site i got a spyware warning from AVG.

Also on every start of ProgDVB, AVG tells me:
File: ProgDvbEngine.dll
Thread: Runtime packed themida.

Any idea on this?

Skystar HD on Core2 Duo 6420
With ProgDVB Professional of course :-)