Plugins menu is empty

I am pleased to be writing here in ur forums :)

I have a problem and I hope that you can help me here

Plugins menu is always empty with me...
I use ProgDVB PRO 6.30.03 x64 on Win 7 x64 and the plugings aCamd and Wincsc
a friend of mine uses the same version of the software and windows and plugins and everything is OK with him but for me nothing appears!!!

so what's the problem?
note: I copied the plugins to the root folder and to Plugins folder and to pip folder but nothing happened

plz help me
and thnx in advance

thanks for ur reply :)

But my friend is using the same version x64 and he sent me his plugins but they didn't appear in my plugins menu

isn't it strange?
and thnx again for the help :)

i have a same problem, progdvb not see any plugins. I have 64bit of the newest version and plugins does not work. i try it too on 32bit version and not work too. so i think, the problem is somwhere else than x64 and x32bit.
Its strange, because it works for my some days ago and this was end with reinstall progdvb to newest version. anybody help?

yes i read it, plugins dont work with 32bit too. there is one diffrence. Before i had 32bit progdvb in trial version and there workd it, and now, when trial version is end, i trying standard version, not pro. Is it cause of diffrent between std and pro version? i mean, standart version dont support plugins?

i know what is it mean. I tell you 32bit dll plugins does not work anymore with 32bit prog, i not stupid to dont understand it. Its look like, uninstalation of previous progdvb delated some file(s) and that files are missing me now and that files are need to run plugins. Its no problem buy licence to pro version but without detection plugins is not so interest to buy for me. Any other idea?

i have the same problem. i installed both x64 and x86 versions and its not working in either of those. it looks empty

my system is x64 windows 7 by the way.

i solved these problem now. I dont know how and why, but it looks like uninstalling progdvb take out whit itself some files from drivers of my satelite card.
SOLUTION FOR ME: I uninstalled progdvb and reinstall drivers of my card (Avermedia a707 trinity). than installed the newest 32bit standard version and now it work :D im happy now and enjoying of great program.