Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:May be sat>ip is more poplar in android? I am still not have many feedback about satip on PC.
Sure! On Android platform the number of "native" tuners is minimal, so the external DVB tuner is the only one solution for digital TV.

On PC, up to now, all devices are USB 2.0 and PCI/PCIe; but a NETWORK tuner is preferable... So, please, continue supporting the SAT>IP protocol. Several users don't purchase one SAT>IP server because the lack of software support (mainly native Windows BDA drivers), so if some applications -like yours- has support, them more users will like to use SAT>IP devices.

In any case, ProgDVB has already support for DVB-S/S2 over SAT>IP. Then add support for DVB-T tunning space is easy. Please, consider it! :)