EPG Issues.

Hello, I have been trying to use ProgTV for the last few days but every time I select a channel and it brings up the actual full EPG, when I start to scroll down the guide to select a channel and watch, progTV just crashes and closes after scrolling down a few channels. Using Nvidia Shield. Everything was working great up until a few days ago and now I cannot use progTV as it crashes.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: EPG Issues.

What do you mean "same problem in last BETA?" I had ProgTV installed and it was working great. I just went to use it the other night when I submitted this issue and that is when I noticed it's not working anymore and crashing everytime now. Thought I would give it a few days and see if the issue persists and it has. Still crashing.

And how do I send you a log file from my Nvidia Shield? Do I have to go into my settings and select debugging and enable Logging? There are 3 options in the logging setting I can select, I can have logging disabled, enabled, or Verbose? Do I enable this or what steps do I need to do to send you a Log File from my Nvidia Shield? If I enable Logging will it create a folder where log files will be sent to? I can get files off my shield to send you, but will the log files be sent to the ProgTV folder I have in my file manager? Thanks. It's still crashing. It never used to do this. As soon as the main guide opens and I start scrolling through channels it just craps and closes. Asks me if I want to open it again, I select yes, then immediately closes as soon as I do something then closes and asks if I want to send feedback lol.
Any help is appreciated.

Re: EPG Issues.

Is log file safe to leave up? Should I delete the post? I see it has been downloaded twice, could be because I clicked it once but didn't download just to make sure it worked. And maybe you guys have downloaded it a second time? If it contains sensitive info I should delete it.

Re: EPG Issues.

Sorry, didn't see your reply. I don't understand what you mean by you can't repeat that? Can't you open it? Was it not correct? Did I not do it right? After I enabled the logging verbose, I shut down, I opened progTV and scrolled through the channels and it crapped. So I went back in and exported the log to a folder my Nvidia Shield automatically created called "ProgTVlog" and exported it to that folder. I then went to es file explorer, copied the Log folder from within the "ProgTVlog" folder, pasted it on a USB stick and brought the drive to my computer to zip and send. Is that correct? Are you saying just email you the log file instead of posting it here in comments? Do you want the log file that I already have? Or do you want me to repeat the process and create a new log file and send it through email using the same process as I just mentioned? That is the only way I know of to copy the log file to get it to my desktop at the moment.

I don't have email set up on my shield. Will I have to set up an email client? are you saying send it to you directly from my shield?
I don't understand what you mean by "export data from ProgTV (Options > Export) and send you over email." What do you mean by "Need not public data in forum"? I did not see an email option in (options > export) to even send an email? lol Sorry if I sound like a newbie.
Please clarify. I am not a developer and do understand some of these terms you are using lol


Re: EPG Issues.

I have the ProgTV from the Google Play Store on My Nvidia Shield, It says it's updated, but it says in settings/apps/progtv that I am on Version 2.37.9? What is going on here? Do I not have an updated version of ProgTV? Should it not auto-update through the Google Play Store? My Play Store says there is no update so I assumed I am running the up to date version of ProgTV. Is version 2.53.4 in the Google Play Store?

In my Google Play Store when I go to ProgTV and select full description and scroll down to the version number, it says it updated to version 2.37.9 on March 10th 2018? I do not understand..

*EDIT* After looking on this website, I see have the correct version from the Google Play Store. So I assume you want me to uninstall the Google Play Store version and install the BETA release on this website? Am I correct? I am going to try and email the Log file I uploaded here as well as you suggested.