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Prog wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:10 pm
GROW: And so.
How you plan sync file with TV? Same with external audio. Translation not bad idea but how? Over some web service?
about subtitle file
if you watch the movie from beginning it will be a little bit easy to synchronize the subtitle to the movie by using delay option (even if i don't understand the audio language, the began of subtitle with the began of talking!!)
a- so need option to easy control subtitle +/- using hot keys...(or hot key to show small window with slider and moving pointer at right side of slider will be +, and moving pointer to the left side will be -)
b- during movie it will be advertisement , so need another hot key to pause subtitle time and another hot key to resume subtitle time after end of advertisement
c- if watching movie in the middle then it will be so helpful to have a hotkey to make subtitle time equal to EPG time as reference then fine adjustment by +/-
d- option to auto load subtitle file from folder (name of subtitle file equal to name of event) will be helpful or auto download subtitle file (withe defined language) from subtitle sites like options found in media player classic
This method can be found as subtitle plugins in enigma receivers....

external audio
The easiest way of synchronization is to make external audio have time shift bar different than normal time shift!! and we have keys to +/- the audio

it will be better if can be done offline using any translation software you choose.
so we install that software individually and we just put the path to progdvb if the user want to use this option!


Re: Feature Requests

Hi there. First time poster, long time user! :)

I have two feature requests if at all possible. Hopefully they are both easy to implement!!

1. Is there a way to change the clock on ProgDVB/TV for Windows from 24h to 12h? Or could that be added? I don't see any option to do this currently in the settings.

2. In ProgTV for Windows, when you open the channel list while watching something (the one that opens on the left side of the screen and allows you to scroll through the channels to see what's on, kind of like the guide but not the actual guide page), currently if you are scrolling through the channels and then close the screen without changing channels, and then reopen it again, it stays on the last channel you had highlighted instead of reverting back to the current channel you're watching. Hopefully that makes sense lol. Is there a way to make it so that it starts back at the channel you're on instead of the last channel you had highlighted?

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE this program. It is by far the closest thing I've found that resembles an actual STB and I thank you for your hard work and effort!! I've been able to seamlessly integrate my OTA antenna channels (served up by HDHomeRun and converted into an M3U) alongside my IPTV channels in one playlist and it works almost perfectly!! Sometimes when I'm watching the antenna channels, it causes ProgTV to crash but I'm not complaining about it because I'm not really using it the way it was designed I guess. I'm using a python program to auto-convert the channels into an M3U and I'm actually quite surprised at how well your program handles it!! So a crash every now and then isn't something that worries me. But if you'd like more info or for me to send you logs, just let me know.

Thanks again for everything!!


Re: Feature Requests

Prog wrote:
Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:07 pm
2. Not clear about this. May be some video?
How about screenshots?

Here's my example -

Screenshot #1: I was watching The Weather Channel, and pressed OK to open the list of channels...
Screenshot #2: I used the up arrow to scroll through the list of channels and stopped on TNT but I did not tune to that channel. Instead, I closed the channel list and stayed watching The Weather Channel...
Screenshot #3: But when I press OK to open the channel list again, it should be back at The Weather Channel, not whatever I was on before I closed it last time. But you can see that it opened back up to TNT instead of The Weather Channel...
I think it would be good to at least have an option whether or not I want the channel list to remember my last position, or not and reopen to what is currently tuned. Does that make sense now? I hope so because I don't know how else to explain it. lol

Thanks again!


Actually, I just noticed something tonight that makes me think this is more of a bug than a feature...

Here's how to reproduce:
1. Tune to any channel. Let's pretend it's called channel 11 (channel 11 is just an example and it could actually be any channel in your lineup)...
2. Now open the channel list like what I have shown in screenshot #1 above, then arrow up to a different channel, let's say for this example you arrow up to channel 20. But don't tune to channel 20 and instead, simply close out of the list and go back to channel 11 (or whatever)...
3. Now press channel up (CH+) or down (CH-) on the remote and you'll see that instead of changing to channel 12 or 10 like it should (per my example), it changes it to 21 or 19 instead...

So, as you can see, there is something wrong with the channel list/guide option. Even though you aren't tuning to a particular channel and are just scrolling through the list of channels, the next time you actually want to physically change the channel, the program is changing it based on whatever you last had highlighted in the list, instead of what you currently have tuned...

Re: Feature Requests

Hi prog
Thanks for the new futures of progdvb
There is some futures I hope you can add it to progdvb

1. Allow to delete channels from channel list by using search
So I can search channel name and delete the channel in search result and I hope it will be deleted from channel list too!!

2. Allow to choose first and second and third preferred language for EPG exactly like audio and subtitle
So that option will be added to settings/ options/ languages

3. Auto download external subtitle file and auto synchronize it with the channel!
And I have a cool idea for that to be accurate and easy!
* That's for channels have EPG and subtitle
* We will choose the language of main subtitle (for me Arabic)
* ProgDVB will auto download subtitle file using EPG event name
* ProgDVB will download two languages of subtitles, language that I want which is Arabic and the second language is the language of subtitle already with the channel
So if the channel have English subtitle then the second downloaded file will be English subtitle and so on…
* He will capture one subtitle line from the channel and search it in the downloaded subtitle and get the time for that line and set that time for Arabic subtitle, and that will make the external subtitle file synchronized with the channel!

4. When press Enter button and channel list appear, please allow us to jump through channel list using alphabetic!!
So if I press E button the index will move to first channel name begin with E and so on, that will make it easy to navigate through long channel list!

Please try to add those futures that will be very helpful!