ProgTV Android - Separate Show Title from Program Description

Hi Prog! How can we separate the TV show title from the program description? Right now, they are both currently on the same line. I know there is limited space, but is it possible to have the title on its own line or maybe just make the title text bold or something to keep it all from running together? See the screenshot I posted for more info. And thanks in advance!!!


OPTION 1 (preferred):



As you can see, option #2 is pretty much like how it looks right now, and all I am doing, is making the title bold and adding a ':' to help separate it from the description.

But option #1 is still the way it should look, because that is how it looks on cable/satellite boxes.

I'm pretty sure this would be an easy code change? If not, then OK. I was just wondering because when the title and description run together like this, it makes it difficult sometimes.

Thank you!!

Re: ProgTV Android - Separate Show Title from Program Description

Prog wrote:
Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:11 pm
Not all sources of guide give title and description. In 50% cases it is one text.
No man. It's not the source that is causing the problem. It is in your code. Look here -

Here is the XML info for the show "Lucky Dog" from the EPG:

Code: Select all

<programme channel="" start="20180616150000 +0000" stop="20180616153000 +0000">
		<title lang="en">Lucky Dog</title>
		<sub-title lang="en">Two's Company</sub-title>
		<desc lang="en">Rescued pups find new purpose and extra challenges when they're paired with other dogs.</desc>
		<category lang="en">Reality</category>
		<category lang="en">Animals</category>
		<episode-num system="dd_progid">EP01772950.0095</episode-num>
		<episode-num system="xmltv_ns">3.15.</episode-num>
In ProgTV, the channel bar at the bottom looks correct:
But the side guide bar is incorrect and the Title and Description run together when they should be on their own respective line:
So as you can clearly see, the problem is not from the source. It is in your code and should be relatively easy to fix if you would only add a separator between the <title> and <desc> in that section of the code for the side guide bar.

Re: ProgTV Android - Separate Show Title from Program Description

Prog wrote:
Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:49 pm
Of course not source. I mean interface must look good in most cases. + less chars on screen if select your way.
question: Is is "sub-title" really important in your source?
Sorry if I misunderstood. You said "not all sources of guide give title and description" and that is what I was replying to.

And that is my whole point of this. You are asking if the "sub-title" is really that important. But the way you currently have it coded right now does not look good or professional, because the title and sub-title (or description) all runs together on one line, and it looks like a design flaw.

No offense, Prog. I'm not knocking your program. It is the absolute best IPTV app available in my opinion. I'm just simply trying to help make it better. That's all. :) I hope you understand that and are not offended!