Channel logos not working as expected

I have a problem with channel logos. Some channels have own logo by default, but it is not possible to change it. When I choose different logo for some channel, app shows the default one... or if some channel doesn't have logo by default and I want to choose some, it is not showing.
Does anybody have some solution?

You can see it on picture - for the channel different logo is showing...

Re: Channel logos not working as expected

Yes, logo doesn't change.
I tried also uninstall & install an app, no effect...

I'm using ProgDVB Standard Edition x32 7.24.06, Windows 10 Pro, build 1803.

It worked good for me some time ago, the change was few versions ago (but I can't say it changed after upgrading ProgDVB, I discovered it later).

Re: Channel logos not working as expected

man.. if you want your personal logo works good in Progdvb rename the logo novahd in nova and it works.. in progdvb the logo must hava the same name of channel list
Nova - Nova Action - Nova Cinema etc etc

if don't work try 2 options..

1) remove from selecion in this image the novahd logo ( let the channels works without search manually )

2) remove from ChLogos folder the old file of img database