ProgTV Questions

hello currently i have downloaded your free ProgDVB/ProgTV 32 bit windows software to test before i decide to purchase and have a few issues. i am using this just for IPTV playback on a Intel NUC with the ProgTV as the only interface. for the most part i have it working fine just a few questions below.

is there a way to change the menu widths in the ProgTV interface? The channel names are cut off on the menu while browsing through the channels and also guide screens. I tried the scale settings but that did nothing for the menu widths.

also is there a way to disable or remove the "open in a new window" function when you press the right arrow when a channel is selected?


Re: ProgTV Questions

i just tried resizing the menu width while in the ProgTV interface but i just could not get it to resize. is there some special trick? i tried the normal click and hold the left mouse button on the edge closest to the center of the screen and drag but nothing worked.

the problem i have with the "open in an new window" function is it opens in a small window in the bottom right hand corner but i dont need PIP. i have to keep it simple for my family ;)