Suggestion for android version.

I am using progtv since launch on android.
I found it's updating and improve lot of things more smoothly.
I have some suggestion that it'll make progtv more better
1. We need to select playback mode manually. Hope there will be auto select option so progtv will choose best playback mode.
2. For aspect ratio. I found that there is option that we can select 16:9 and other more options. But every update it's gone and again 4:3 channels become small on screen. So every update need to change to 16:9.
Hope there will be fix option for fit to screen, stretch. In video setting. So we no need to change always.
3. I have already created another subject about delay link.
I found that on openmax plugin plays some channels delay compare to media player.
Hope will get fix soon.

Thank you so much.