The usage of ProgDVB server 6.73.02 in unicast mode

Can anybody explain me in step by step way the solution of the following task:
I want to transmit channel from computer1(pc1) and its ip is ip1 to watch it on computer2(pc2) ip2 and only(unicast mode). Both computers(pc1 and pc2) are in the same computer network with subnet mask I have already installed ProgDVB server on PC1 and ProgDVB on PC2. I can see TV channels on server, e.g. channel1. What parameters should I set on server and client to see channel1 on client too? Thank you in advance.

Re: The usage of ProgDVB server 6.73.02 in unicast mode

In the server PC:
"server mode" - Current Channel. Clients can change channel on server.
"format" - Transpor stream/ all streams
"network" :
-- Protocol - unicast
-- Network interface - "IP of the server PC" (example: []
-- The rest of the options don´t touch.

In the client PC:
In Prog Media Client, tv sources.
"network interface" - All interfaces
"server IP" - The IP of the server (example:
"port" - nothing to touch, the same of the server PC
"format" - don´t touch

And it works, sure.