Hauppauge WinTV Nova-SE2 - Device not started

This card is running well with the original software WinTV2000.
It doesn't work with ProgDVB.
I can't choose a device from the list except "KWorld DVB" and "TS-Reader" and a third device which doesn't work.

The Drivers for my Hauppauge-card are new from 2006, October.

What can I do to use ProgDVB with the Nova SE2 ?

this is a card that runs on bda driver ...as others cards running on bda drivers too ....choose the DVB-S bda device in progdvb device list...

If there is no such device in the list...exit progdvb ...

then save this :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tuning Spaces\1]
"Network Type"="{FA4B375A-45B4-4D45-8440-263957B11623}"
"Frequency Mapping"="ex:2d,00,31,0"
"System Type"=dword:00000002
"Network ID"=dword:ffffffff
"High Oscillator Frequency"=dword:00a1be40
"Low Oscillator Frequency"=dword:0094c5f0
"LNB Switch Frequency"=dword:00b28720
"Input Range"="ex:2d,00,31,0"
"Spectral Inversion"=dword:00000002

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Tuning Spaces\1\Default Locator]

as xyz.reg...double click to import into windows registry and try again in progdvb...if this don´t work you are out of luck with this card in progdvb...

No Channel found

Thank you very much @SiLencer, you're great.

Now I'm able to choose the right device and I can add a LNB in the DiSEq-Menue.

Unfurnately no Channel was found at the search.

Can you help me again ?

hi i have similar problem with the new version with the some dvbs card.
i used the version 4.80.3 and it works fine but when i update to the 4.81 it can not start the bda driver.

i have tried your reg code from above but it does not work (the old version does also not work, but i was so wise to backup the old reg entries).

i just noticed that i have the nova-s-plus but i think both have similar drivers and hardware...

i think both have similar drivers and hardware...
No...different hardware...

Now there are Channels, but no pictures

Thank you again, @SiLencer !

Now I have a lot of Channels but I can't watch TV, only black screen.
No idea what's wrong. Could there be a problem with DiSeq ?

It works with the Original Software from Hauppauge (Win2000).
But ProgDVB would be much better.

register Elecard codec : go in \progdvb\filters and doubleclick the ´register.bat´ file...

or try other codecs : viewtopic.php?t=604

this is all that can be done ....

still black screen

what a pitty, it still doesn't work.

So I must use WinTV2000. :(

Anyway - have lot of thanks, @SiLencer
And have a good time

what must i do after i copied the astra channel list in the channel directory ? yesterday with the older version it did not help. i had copied the channel list and then a have started a new channel search but progdvb only searched for 57 channels but noch the premiere channels !?