Re: Freezes when I try to amend codecs

noremorse wrote:
Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:37 am
I do not have problems with any other video software. I want to fix the out of sync audio and random stuttering and want to look at the codecs but cannot as the app just freezes.
noremorse it does that to me two and other issues, the problem is the codecs are not at par of android system player and codecs

,also i think VLC on PC is much better for IPTV,i think the more updates has been done the worse it gets,i real like the interface but the player
and codecs are lousy so far,so for IPTV i advise VLC on PC, i'm very sorry to say this cause i've been advising Prog DVB, but it let me down on IPTV.